Why Carona is a Leading Commercial Roller Door Manufacturer and Supplier.

Commercial roller doors provide you with the optimal amount of control over your workplace, allowing you to gain access to and close off areas of your operations as needed. As an experienced supplier in the manufacture of commercial roller doors in Australia, Carona produces control and access products that provide tremendous value at multiple levels. Their Movidor system of roller doors allows your workers to quickly and safely operate, thereby increasing their efficiency and making for a better workplace overall.

Among the many features used in the manufacture of their commercial rolling doors are options such as automatic opening triggers, which help to increase the flow of traffic in the workplace. Additionally, construction details such as a German-engineered drive motor ensures the longevity of the Movidor rolling door system. This provides even greater value, as businesses can ensure that the doors they install will continue working for the long-term, often outlasting competitor products. Better quality also means reduced downtime and a reduced need for overall maintenance of the doors, ensuring that your staff can focus on day-to-day operations.


The safety provided by Carona with their Movidor system of commercial rolling doors is one of its biggest benefits. Various safety mechanisms are directly integrated into the rolling doors, including a flexible bottom battern cushion that helps to cushion impact. This feature provides a safeguard in situations where objects such as vehicles, including forklifts, get caught in the door as it closes. This kind of safety detail is just one example of what makes the Movidor system a superior product when it comes to designing and installing safe and effective doors, especially for facilities that carry greater potential safety risks, such as a warehouse.

However, the doors themselves are just one of the reasons that Carona has become a reputable commercial roller door suppliers and manufacturers in Australia.

Other factors in our success include their wide inventory of products, which allows us to get their products to the customer and installed in a short amount of time – another factor that further reduces the potential downtime. Overall, part of the benefit provided to clients when they choose Carona as their commercial roller door manufacturers and suppliers is the ability to quickly and efficiently have exactly what they need installed in their business at a price point that provides them with great value.

The sales team at Carona is ready and able to work with all clients to assess their control needs when it comes to commercial rolling doors and other control and access products, including PVC strip curtains, commercial fridge doors, and much more. Carona is proud to offer easy-to-use, safe, durable solutions for various kinds of business throughout Australia, regardless of their industry or what their access needs happen to be. The full range of their products can be found on the Carona site at www.carona.com.au. We can also be contacted by phone or email for more information about their products, inventory, and installation times.

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