Mining & Construction

In tough conditions, you need equipment that'll go the distance and keep your site running smoothly.

For doors and barrier systems this means robust design, backed up by responsive support. On construction sites and in mining facilities, you need a provider who delivers:

  • DURABILITY: low-maintenance, modular design, so if one part fails you can swap it out, for lower maintenance costs.
  • FULL CUSTOMISATION: choosing the materials and opening controls that suit the way you work.
  • EXPERIENCED ADVICE: staff who know their products inside out, so they can advise you on the best product for what you need.

Carona has 30 years’ experience delivering doors and barrier systems made right here in Australia. We don’t take shortcuts, and we do what we say we’ll do. So when access control counts, your operations stay online.

Working with Carona Group is easy

Schedule a Call or Site Visit

Contact our team and we’ll work with you to propose an effective door and barrier solution to suit your project scope, budget, and timeframe.

Design & Manufacture

Whether it’s standard or custom made, our team of engineers will deliver a high-quality, industry-best solution you can rely on.

Install the Best Solution

Our specialist team will manage the install from start to finish, so your project delivers long-term time, money, and energy savings.

Get Peace
of Mind

With fuss-free scheduled servicing and maintenance you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from installing quality door and barrier systems.

Related Projects

We Feel Your Frustration

We know projects large and small can change – scope, specifications, and timelines can change. You need a partner that can adjust and work with you.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of businesses, from corner stores to mining giants in direct supply and sub-contracting roles, so we know how to adapt to changing project priorities.

Success Built on Trust

We’re proud to be an Australian manufacturing success story. Over our 30 years in business, we’ve grown and our clients have grown with us, from global retailers like Woolworths to small businesses like Poacher’s Pantry in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

Every Carona Group product is designed and made in our factory in New South Wales. This all adds up to unmatched quality and value. Each door and every frame is built to last and delivered on time.

Certified Quality

We know that it’s still possible to manufacture products that are both high-quality and exceptional value.

When you buy a Carona Group product, you gain the confidence that what you’re getting is fit for purpose. Our products Eco-Specified, HACCP Certified, Corrosion-Resistant and Energy-Saving.

Unmatched Service

In your industry, you need the confidence that your equipment is fully supported. Every Carona Group product is designed for low maintenance, so you save on running costs right from day one.

When you do need to get are placement part, our responsive service team will be out to your site on time, every time.

We’ll even service competitor products, if that’s what it takes to get your facility back up and running.

We’re here to help

Don’t settle for an inferior product. Protect your assets, your people, your products, and your reputation with Carona Group.

Our experienced team guarantees end-to-end quality and peace of mind throughout the design, manufacture, and installation process.

Contact us today to get the solution you need.