High Speed Rapid Roll Doors

When fast access and environmental control matter, Carona’s range of high speed rapid roll doors deliver superior performance.


From hospitals to supermarkets, to food processing and concrete plants, Carona’s Movi range can be customised to protect your unique environment and workflow, including:

Ambient temperature environments

Refrigerated environment


All-weather environments

Carona’s rapid-action doors minimise the flow of air and contaminants from one zone to another. This ensures dust, dirt and other contaminants are kept out, the temperature inside and out is controlled whilst allowing fast, safe access for pedestrians and vehicles.

Fully customisable for your unique location, rapid roll doors are lightning-fast (up to 2.0m/s) with optional automatic triggers ensuring pedestrians and vehicles can move through the door without interruption or delay.

A host of unique engineering features – including a flexible lower bar that deforms on impact then springs back into shape – make for a robust, reliable, durable door.


  • Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens
  • Supermarkets & Retail
  • Hotels Back of House
  • Hospitals & Medical Centres
  • Laboratories
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Food Distribution Centers
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Food Storage
  • Storage Facilities
  • Cold Storage Areas


  • Size
  • Windows
  • Safety Add-Ons
  • Frame Colour
  • Insulation
  • Activation Method
  • Power Backup
  • Control Cabinet Finish
  • Manual Chain
  • Curtain Colour
  • Signage

Features and Benefits

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