Take the heat off your energy bills this summer.

Winter is finally over. Before we know it, we’ll all be sweltering in the summer heat — and sweating over the spike in business energy costs.

Whether you’re in retail, food processing or pharmacy, if you need to keep cold things cold, now’s the time to start thinking about insulating your profits from summer heat. Because once the temperature starts creeping up, you’re already losing money.

When most businesses tackle this problem, they jump straight to installing another appliance: beefing up the air conditioning, or installing fans. That’s just adding to your power bill. It’s not solving the underlying problem, because the warm air is still leaching into your cold storage.

You can get ahead by using insulated doors and barrier systems as the first line of defence against heat transfer.

Here’s why it’s worth opening the door to better temperature control.


Think of all that extra power required to keep your cool room, freezer or laboratory at optimum temperature. All that time, warm air is seeping in and cold air is seeping out. That means you’re paying far more than you need to in both heating and cooling. Address those sneaky leaks and you’ll reduce power bill shock, and keep your operating budget under control.


There are also hidden costs of not effectively sealing against air leakage. We’re talking wear-and-tear on your motors and switches. Coil icing and condensation. Why replace equipment sooner than you need to?

And let’s not forget the quality and safety of your products. Tackle those hassles (and the flow-on costs) with insulated doors to get value from your whole system for longer.


Reduced energy use means a reduced carbon footprint. Research from independent engineer Leroy Palmer shows that using barriers such as Carona Group strip barriers can result in a massive 24% energy saving in chillers and an 11% energy saving in freezers.

Boost your green credentials further and invest in protective devices that are certified sustainable. Carona Group’s thermal traffic doors, personnel access doors and PVC swing doors, for example, are all listed on Ecospecifier Global as ecologically sustainable and green-building friendly.


Whether your business is a simple cool room or an entire industrial warehouse, it’s easy to cut energy bills and save on running costs. Contact us to find out which solution best fits your business needs.

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