Strip curtains: 5 reasons your business needs them now

Strip curtains, also known as PVC dividers, vinyl strips or plastic strip curtains: these simple strips of plastic tackle a big spread of business challenges.Here are five reasons why your business needs Flexible PVC strip curtains.


Fitting strip curtains to your doorways gives your business more control over energy costs. With plastic strip curtains, your staff can move between rooms without needing to fiddle with locks and handles. But because strip curtains stop airflow, they also help control room temperatures. If your staff are working in refrigerated areas, PVC curtains will keep those areas cool. And if the room is meant to be warm, it will help keep it that way too. Strip curtains cut refrigeration and air-conditioning costs, saving your business a small fortune year round.


Working with food or sensitive equipment? Pests such as insects, birds and vermin just aren’t welcome. If a bird gets into your factory or manufacturing plant it could peck away at your stock or foul equipment. Strip curtains keep these pests and their bacteria out, eliminating disruption.


PVC strip doors cover doorway openings large and small. They keep dust, smoke, dirt and fumes out while making it easy for people and vehicles like forklifts to pass through. Strip curtains also help keep your work environment clean. With staff breathing easier in a cleaner environment, your workplace will be more efficient and productive too.


PVC strip curtains strike that balance between protecting your workplace — while being easy to use. When your staff are moving heavy stock, they won’t want to keep opening doors every time. For high-traffic areas, strip curtains make it easy to move in and out — while still giving you that temperature control. And when your staff can do their job quicker, while staying cooler, it’s going to help your bottom line.


If you’re in the food sector, preserving and extending the shelf life of your stock top priority. Strip curtains give you that control. The thermal barrier stops temperature fluctuations as warm air flows in – or out. And that’s going to cut condensation too; another cause of stock spoilage. For high-traffic areas in temperature-controlled areas, it’s worth adding plastic strip curtains to the mix.


When you need temperature control and free movement, Carona’s strip curtains are the smart choice. They’ll help you save energy, maintain cleanliness, improve staff comfort and preserve food stock. As a result, they’ll help your business save money and increase your profit margins. Contact us for information about our PVC strip curtains or download our product catalogue.

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