Should You Install Safety Bollards?

Whether you are looking to establish a safer workplace, discourage trespassing or minimise damage to walls and doors, safety bollards are a worthwhile investment for your warehouse, factory or business headquarters. Bollards are becoming more and more common in everything from street design and urban planning to commercial or industrial architecture, and with the range of benefits they bring to the table; it isn’t difficult to see why. Here are the top five advantages of installing bollards.


Damage Prevention: At Carona, we are one of Australia’s top suppliers for safety bollards. Our goal as a company is to help businesses manage traffic and construct barriers to keep their buildings safe. Bollards can prevent damage to your building, either by keeping conventional warehouse vehicles—forklifts, trolleys, etc.—away from doors and walls. Since many commercial or industrial businesses actually spend a lot of money each year repairing damage from such incidents, safety bollards can be a smart money-saving investment.

Security: Believe it or not, bollards can act as an impediment to vandalism, theft and other crimes. By putting bollards in front of glass doors or entryways, you cut down on the likelihood of someone trying to ram the door. Bollards also send a somewhat subconscious signal that other barriers and security features exist to protect the building.

Pedestrian Safety: In urban planning, safety bollards will often be used to form barriers between street traffic and pedestrians on the sidewalk. Companies can employ a similar system in parking garages, warehouses or factories to ensure that employees feel safe walking around the premises.

Traffic Direction: In your day-to-day life, you’ve probably seen bollards preventing motor vehicles from accessing trails, walking paths or other pedestrian areas, or marking off certain spots to prevent drivers from parking there. You can use bollards for similar purposes around your business whether to discourage unauthorised parking near a loading zone, or to route your forklift drivers to where they are supposed to go.

Aesthetics: Gates, walls, fences and railings can often be unsightly, impairing the aesthetics of a park, street or business. Safety bollards are simplistic and clean in design, serving a similar purpose to all of the barriers mentioned above, but doing so in a more aesthetically-pleasing fashion. At Carona, we offer bollards in a variety of different colours to help our clients get the look they want.


Does your business have a use for bollards, whether for safety, security or logistical purposes? Carona can provide a flexible and customisable bollard or barrier solution for clients in and around the Sydney area. Continue to browse this website to learn more about our company, or call us on (02) 4702 6655 to enquire about ordering our safety bollards and other customised barrier equipment.

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