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How much money do you spend each year repairing structural damage caused by forklifts, trolleys and other warehouse or factory floor vehicles knocking against corners or slamming into walls? Even the most careful employees can sometimes put a hole in the wall or scrape up an edge when trying to manoeuvre a trolley or load up a forklift. Unfortunately, the fact that these mistakes are honest ones made in the line of hard work doesn’t negate the costs of fixing the damage they cause.


But what if you could eliminate that budget you have set aside for making structural repairs to your building every year? What if you could install a system that would keep trolleys, forklifts and pallet jacks — as well as their drivers — away from corners and expensive garage doors?

When you decide to work with Carona, you can do all of the above and more. As a top bollards supplier in the Sydney area, we have helped countless clients cut down on their annual maintenance expenses with smart protection systems based on bump rails and bollards. Here’s what we can offer you:

Bollards: Bollards are essentially just short vertical posts that block traffic. You’ve probably seen them in a range of spots, normally to block vehicle access to an area while still allowing foot traffic. When you buy bollards online through Carona, you get poles made from durable high-density polyethylene, while optional galvanised steel inserts are also available for extra strength. The bollards are available in three simple, eye-catching colours — safety yellow, blue or red — and can be bolted down or installed using concrete casting.

Bump Rails: These two-piece rails are ideal for maximum impact absorption. These rails essentially serve as guard rails for your walls. They are affixed to the floor, along the perimeter of your walls, and help to keep trolley or forklift traffic from bumping into or scraping along your walls.

Rub Rails: Another term derived from the mariner’s world, rub rails are typically seen along the side of a boat, to prevent damage if the boat scrapes against a wall, a dock or another marine vessel. Carona’s rub rails are made from high impact-resistant A3-grade extruded PVS or aluminium and have a ribbed surface that helps protect corridor walls from grazes, rubs or glancing impacts.


By installing Carona bollards, bump rails and rub rails in your warehouse, factory or business headquarters, you will avoid all of those unsightly scrapes, dents or drywall holes that forklifts or pallet jacks can cause. Best of all, since Carona is an online supplier, you can buy your bollards and protective rails from us with ease. This process makes it simple to purchase and implement new bollards or railing systems when the old ones are damaged, or when you determine that you want to add bollards or railings to new parts of your building.

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