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These days, bollards are everywhere. From docks and marinas, where these strong and durable posts are used to moor boats, to sidewalks and storefronts, where they are used to block automobile traffic and provide security, bollards have become commonplace in a wide range of different scenarios.


At Carona, we provide commercial and industrial businesses with a place to buy bollards online. Our bollards are not like the ones you typically see on sidewalks or at storefronts, though. Some bollards are outfitted with lamps to help illuminate a sidewalk, or bear sleek chrome designs to blend well into the architecture of a modern business building.

When you buy bollards from Carona, you will get a more no-frills design. Our bollards don’t include lamps or other similar special features, and they weren’t designed with aesthetics as a top priority. Instead, the bollards available online from Carona are manufactured from high-density polyethylene and come in simple yellow, red or blue designs. These bollards are designed with strength and visibility in mind, and can’t be missed or ignored out on your factory or warehouse floor.

What you lose in aesthetics and special features with Carona’s bollards, you gain back elsewhere. We seek to be a bollard supplier for companies who are looking to prevent damage to the walls, garage doors, crates and other parts of their warehouses or factories. With forklifts, trolleys and other vehicles going every which way on a warehouse floor, accidents are bound to happen every once in a while. Unfortunately, these accidents often prove costly to the building owner, who has to pay to repair walls, doors and other structures repeatedly.

Carona bollards are great because they are visible and incredibly strong. Your drivers will see these bright coloured posts and remember to be careful in avoiding walls and doors while moving around the facility. And if a trolley or forklift does crash or bump into one of our bollards, it hardly matters: the durable polyethylene design acts as a failsafe to prevent your vehicles from denting or marking up the walls while galvanised steel inserts are available for every bollard to provide even more strength.

Bottom line, when you choose Carona as your bollard supplier in Australia, you get a product that works. By cutting out the lights and chrome designs, we are able to offer bollard deliveries and installations with unrivalled speed and efficiency—providing extra protection to your warehouse or factory sooner. The speed has another benefit, too: if a bollard is damaged during a crash, you can easily work with Carona to order another bollard online. You’ll find that replacing your bollards is far faster (and less expensive) than constantly having the walls or doors of your facility repaired.


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