How to rid your space of pests


Whether you’re in healthcare, food processing, mining or research, one thing’s for sure. Pests like rats, birds and insects just aren’t welcome. They spread disease and damage expensive property.  They can even make your staff sick. You could keep spending money on pest exterminators.  Or you could fit the right doors and barrier systems and stop them altogether.  That’s the end goal, but first let’s deal with the pests you already have.

1. Identify the pests and where they came from

Start by identifying the pest problem. What kind of pest is it? Where are they getting into your building? If you don’t have the in-house staff for this, or you’ve got a large area, call in a pest control expert to identify those points of entry.

2. Exterminate

Now you can decide how to get rid of those pests. But factor in the knock-on effects of your extermination plan. For example, if you’re using poisonous gas, you’ll need to quarantine your worksite. You’ll need time for the poison to kill off the pests, time for it to settle and time to decontaminate your space. This may disrupt the flow of your business, but in the long-run, your business and your bottom line will be better off.

3. Record the results

When you re-enter your worksite, check it thoroughly.  Are the pests really gone? If the extermination worked, record what you did. What the pest was, where it came from and why it may have been there.  That way, you’re meeting your legal obligations but also controlling pests into the future.

4. Keeping unwanted pests and other contaminants out

Now we can stop the pests coming back. That means choosing the right doors and barriers. If rats are running through large open doorways, high-speed roller doors will help. These robust doors open as vehicles and people approach them. They shut fast, so there’s less chance that a rat will scurry through. If insects and birds are flying in, strip curtains or air curtains will do the trick. Both are strong enough to stop pests, but still making it easy for staff to move in and out. And there’s an extra benefit of Carona’s doors: they can also keep dust, leaves, smoke, dirt and other airborne annoyances out.

Need help keeping unwanted pests out of your business?

 Keeping pests out of your business is a must. We’ve highlighted some of the ways you can get rid of them, but stopping pests from getting in will always be easier than trying to get rid of them. Carona’s doors and barrier systems will help you stop pests from getting into your operation and keep it clean of disease and in good order. Contact us for information about our high-speed roller doorsstrip curtains and air curtains or download our product catalogue now.


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