How High-Speed Doors Can Benefit Your Business.

There are many reasons why businesses can benefit from high-speed doors. At Carona we offer installations, high-speed door maintenance, and a range of industrial doors to best suit your business. Here are some of the reasons why choosing high-speed doors can benefit your company.


High-speed doors are beneficial to any business that use regular deliveries or are used as a frequent entrance for staff. It’s important to ensure that they can enter and exit your business quickly. In a busy warehouse high-speed doors create efficiency for deliveries and drivers so they don’t have to get out of the vehicle to open and close the door manually that wastes time.


These doors are a great solution when it comes to saving costs on energy. The speed of the doors means there is less chance of the controlled air temperature leaving the facility. This is important particularly when it comes to storing fresh produce as the space should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment with less environmental factors coming into contact with the produce. Larger buildings can struggle to maintain the desired temperatures in the freezers and coolrooms particularly with wider openings in between different sections of buildings. By using these efficient doors it will help keep the correct temperature as the doors won’t be open for long.


High-speed doors ensure coolrooms and cold storage facilities where food and and drinks are kept are able to maintain the correct temperature with speed and efficiency. The Movidor door is ideal when you need to move products in and out as it stops the heat transferring with its rapid automatic triggers that keep opening cycles efficient. Another solution for coolrooms and cold storage is the Movitherm door which brings the speed and efficiency of Movidor, with added insulation. A 4mm thick, insulated foam-backed curtain stops heat transfer, and when you need to move stock, our rapid action and automatic triggers keep opening cycles fast while also reducing heat leakage. The fast-moving nature of these doors means you can control the environment.


Security is extremely important when it comes to business. High-speed doors enhance your business security as they reduce the ease of tailgaters or intruders being able to enter the facility. As these doors are extremely durable and robust, they reduce the chances of potential break-ins making them the perfect choice for your business security. Movishutter is a great solution for any security concerns. This is fitted to the outside of the building and features high-speed aluminum slat shutters that stop intruders. The foam filled double wall slats provide the best insulation value.


This fast door speed reduces the risk of vermin invading and contaminating your space. They also reduce the risk of airborne contaminants around the premises. By using your high-speed doors you can create an airlock of different temperatures and areas to prevent dust and dirt from moving from one area to another. We can Create Custom Airlocks where one door opens no one can pass through until the other is closed.


The accelerated speed of these doors is beneficial when it comes to noises from heavy machinery, vehicles, and general noise in the workplace. With the doors opening and closing efficiently there is less chance of loud noises infiltrating the space and will keep the building quieter for longer.

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