Installing an air curtain door can save energy, improve health and safety and protect your environment from contamination

Are you looking to provide a clean, comfortable and hygienic environment for your workplace? Whether you work in food processing, mining and construction, hospitality, warehousing, or healthcare, air curtains can protect your environment by creating an invisible barrier between two temperature-controlled zones. Throughout this blog post we’ll cut through the confusion and explain how air curtains work, why they’re used, their benefits, and how Carona Group can assist you.

What is an air curtain?

An air curtain door is an invisible barrier system between two zones. The air ‘curtain’ is created by a unit mounted above the transition zone. This unit uses a centrifugal fan to blow clean, temperature-controlled air downwards into the transition zone.

This continuous stream of air creates an invisible air seal that separates two zones, preventing contaminates from moving between them.

Clean Controlled Temperature Air

Where are air curtains used?

Air curtains are ideal for businesses who want to protect their environment by creating an invisible barrier against outside pollutants like dust, dirt, insects and fumes while also maintaining the flow of traffic through a doorway. In some temperature-regulated buildings, such as hospitals, hospitality venues, and food processing facilities, the entry and exit doors are constantly being used, creating a large continuous leak of hot or cold air. Air curtains ensure that the inside and outside air is kept separate through the constant stream of air across the entire doorway.

What are the benefits of air curtains?

The main benefits of installing a commercial air curtain includes energy savings, improved health and safety, insect control and increased comfort.

Air curtains save you money on energy bills

Air curtains can save you money by helping to maintain even temperatures between zones and the prevent ‘leaking’ hot or cold air.

Air curtains create a comfortable indoor environment

In the colder months, air curtains can be used to help prevent warm air escaping. This makes it a popular choice in the hospitality industry, allowing customers to be seated comfortably near an entryway without being bothered by cold, wind, or odours from outside, such as cigarette smoke. Air curtains can also make workplaces more comfortable for staff and customers. The reduced air transfer between inside and outside means the building remains at an even temperature even as staff and customers enter and exit.

Air curtain doors control insects

Business owners can keep their doors open to provide a continuous stream of traffic without having to worry about flying insects getting into a controlled and hygienic environment. No one enjoys finding a fly in their soup!

Air curtain doors improve health and safety

As mentioned, air curtains provide excellent insect control, as well as reducing other containments that could put your customers or staff at risk. It also provides improved air quality and ventilation from the outside air that may contain dust, exhaust fumes, odours, pollution, or smoke.

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Every time someone opens a sealed door separating one controlled environment from another, the environment suffers from some level of contamination. This can lead to loss of stock and risk personal safety, especially in healthcare or food processing facilities.

Carona Group’s range of custom-made air curtains

Carona Group supplies and installs a premium range of air curtains. The fan mechanism is built to last with a corrosion-resistant aluminium shell, making it highly durable and easy to clean.Air curtains by Carona Group include three speed settings, allowing you to use less energy when there is reduced need for climate control, leading to long-term savings on energy costs.All our air curtains come with a remote control, offering easy operation and switching between settings. The air curtain can be turned on via remote control or automated to start operating once the door is opened.Our air curtains feature industrial-duty centrifugal fans that provide consistent, high air flows while generating little noise. They perform exceptionally well in maintaining clean, temperature-controlled environments.Our high performing air curtains are ideal for use in industries such as food manufacturing and processing, where perishable stock is highly susceptible to contamination from vermin or bacteria. With our air curtains installed, you can protect your environment and maintain the highest level of quality and safety.

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