Designing your building sustainably

For most building managers and architects, sustainability is all about energy efficiency and keeping a lid on costs. It’s about using quality products that do the job, stand up to wear and tear and last the distance.

Here’s just a few ways Carona helps you do just that.

1. Insulated doors for temperature control

In hospitals, factories and other temperature-sensitive environments, the right door can make all the difference.

To achieve peak energy efficiency, doors should feature insulating values of at least R2.5. The R-Value is a measure of how well an object resists heat travelling through it. The higher the R-Value the better the insulation.

So how do you get the right R-Value? Well-insulated doors like Carona’s 4500 Series feature a thick polyethylene shell, full santoprene rubber seals and a high-density, CFC-free urethane foam core. That means energy is saved ‘from the inside’.

2. PVC strip curtains that save on energy costs

It’s a simple idea. Strip curtains are a cost-effective thermal barrier between areas where you still want free movement.

We’ve customized our PVC strip curtains for a range of applications including:

  • Specialist environments where maintaining hygiene is crucial, such as in laboratories or in temperature-sensitive packaging plants.
  • Food storage, strip curtains help to stabilise room temperatures and prevent condensation, extending your stock’s shelf life.
  • External doorways, where they give you another layer of thermal control that lets people in but keeps warm air out on hot days.

Outstanding energy efficiency – here’s the proof

Tests conducted by the University of New South Wales show that our strip curtains stop 93% of air movement and deliver energy savings of up to 24% per day – proof that they work to keep temperatures lower and steadier.

3. Air curtains: an efficient, invisible barrier

An air curtain blows a stream of air to stop air or contaminants passing from one open space to another.

Used everywhere from offices and shops to gyms, air curtains help maintain a comfortable, clean environment – and they help save energy.


  • They help to make your air-conditioning and heating systems more efficient. We’ve seen Carona air curtains pay for themselves within one to two years.
  • Many models have adjustable speed settings, so you can easily change the unit to suit the level of temperature control you need.

Contact us for information about our sustainable range of thermal traffic doorsstrip curtains and air curtains or download our product catalogue.


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