Why Investing in A Carona Glass Door Display Fridge is Good for Business

Carona glass door display fridges are good for customers and good for business.

Enhance the shopping experience and delight your customers by installing the highest quality glass door display fridges.

As the saying goes, we buy with our eyes, so creating an irresistible ‘visual feast’ is critical to attracting and converting customers in supermarkets, delis and other retail environments.

A Carona glass door display fridge with high-quality lighting and anti-fog heating will enhance the display of your stock and easy-opening doors allow customers to select the products they need.

Investing in a high-quality Carona glass door display fridge will:

Enhance store aesthetics – create an environment that customers love.
Delight customers – make it easy to see and select your products.
Sell more products – turn over more products and increase your profits.

As well as providing the best glass fridge display doors in Australia, Carona also specialises in cold room and freezer doors, PVC strip curtains and swing doors, walk-thru doors, sliding doors, thermal traffic doors and hermetically sealed doors.

Focus Alpha Insert Doors - Bright Polised (1)

Maximise sales and present stock beautifully with custom-made refrigerated glass doors.


Get the details right with custom-made glass display fridge doors from Carona Group.

Installing cheap, substandard glass doors could impact cool room temperatures, airflow and air load, and cause doors to open, condensate and drip water.

Choose Carona Glass Doors



Carona products are Eco-Specified, HACCP Certified, Corrosion-Resistant and Energy-Saving so you can be confident you’re buying the best possible product.



Carona is proud to be an Australian-made and owned family business. For more than 30 years, partnered with global and local businesses to design and manufacture world-class products.

customised doors


Every Carona product is designed and manufactured to order, ensuring the very best fridge door for your business. As well as size, you can customise the configuration, finish, glazing, lighting, colour, handles and signage.



Every Carona product is manufactured to the highest standard, which means you’ll get a custom-made, world-class product requiring very little maintenance. However, if you do need a part replaced or service, our team will act quickly to ensure minimal downtime.

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