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Richmond’s RAAF base’s parachute sheds had a pest problem. Pigeons would fly into the sheds storing parachutes for goods-drops, creating a mess. But while the area needed to be sealed off from pests, personnel still needed quick access.

Pests were also a problem in the personnel parachute shed. But an even more important issue was security. Whenever someone jumped out of a plane, their life was in the hands of the people who stored and cared for their parachutes. Here, access had to be strictly controlled.

We tackled this challenge with two lines of defence. We retained the exterior steel roller doors, so the facility could be locked down at night. And we used custom brackets to fit Movidors to the interior, for instant access during the day.


"When you're working with the Defence Departments, the fewer call-outs you have to make, the better." "Carona's doors look like something you'd want to have in your building."

- Gabriel Jerez, Lidoran Construction Manager.

For Lidoran, the lead contractor on this project, Carona’s Movidor stood out from the pack. “The self-rectifying tracks were a bonus,” says Gabriel Jerez, Lidoran’s construction manager. When you’re working with the Defence Departments, the fewer call-outs you have to make, the better. That self-rectifying action means that, if a door does come off the tracks, it pops back in – you don’t need to call maintenance.”


Movidor, custom fittings


Thanks to our work, the RAAF has a clean, secure shed. It’s a facility the RAAF can be proud of.


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