QT Melbourne

A bespoke wine room for a high-end hotel


QT Melbourne | Carona Group Australia

QT Melbourne


Melbourne’s iconic QT hotel needed a bespoke wine room display to showcase their premium wine selection. More than an off-the-shelf cool room, the experience had to mesh with the hotel’s modern, sleek interior.

When it was time to create the wine room, the designers came to Carona. Nic Graham — a high-end interior design practice — was responsible for the design of QT’s public areas. Nic had an overarching vision: contemporary and concrete design with vintage elements. The guest rooms feature mid-century style black frames, and this element flowed through to the wine room, with black aluminium frames encasing a floor-to-ceiling glass display.

Carona brought Nic Graham’s vision to life. He was struck by how easy it was to customise the wine room — it became an integral part of the space, not a prefabricated addition. Nic added design details to the framework, including bolt work, for visual continuity. And all this was possible because of detailed design conversations with Carona.


“We can design anything, but if you can’t build it it’s useless. We needed a company that sends detailed information so we can comment before it’s built. We knew that Carona fully understood our design intent.”

– Nic, QT Melbourne


Custom glass and aluminium frame.


Thanks to Carona’s custom manufacturing, the wine room needed only slight design details to match QT Melbourne’s décor. The floor-to-ceiling glass display balances the functional and the aesthetic, to show the best of QT’s wine selection.


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