Poachers’s Pantry

Stunning produce display for a winery


Poacher's Pantry Smokehouse and Wiley Trout winery


For almost 20 years, Poachers Pantry has been selling its gourmet smoked meats direct to the public from its smokehouse door.

Unfortunately, the door to its refrigerated area—heavy, with only a tiny window to see the goods through—made viewing the produce Bruce, decided that to increase sales, they needed a better way to display their goods.

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"They were very smooth to deal with, and we couldn't fault their service." It all looks really smart and professional. I'd definitely use Carona again."

- William Bruce, owner and manager of Poachers Pantry.

“We’d just done a refurb, and so all we wanted was a glass display,” he says. “But a lot of the bigger suppliers weren’t interested.”

That’s when Poachers Pantry came to Carona. “We sent them a few measurements, they came and confirmed, and then they did the job,” says William. “They were very smooth to deal with, and we couldn’t fault their service.”

We removed the heavy door, and replaced it with a combination of floor-to-ceiling glass panelling and insulated glass doors. We even heated the glass to stop condensation from obscuring the view.


Glass Panels, Glass Manual Entry Walk Thru, Heated Glass Cheese Room


Thanks to our work, diners and travellers alike can easily see the wide range of gourmet smoked meats available at the smokehouse. And sales have never been better


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