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Regarded as one of the most significant medical referral centres in regional NSW, the joint venture development of Orange Private Hospital, between Orange Surgery Centre (OSC) and Nexus Hospitals, provides great benefit to the local businesses and community.

The $14m private, short-stay facility provides specialised surgical services and world-class amenities including:

  • Five technologically advanced operating theatres
  • Day surgery recovery room
  • 16 private ensuite rooms for longer post-operative stays
  • A six-bed Close Observation Unit and dedicated paediatric ward.

From the get-go, leading technologies were sought out and incorporated to create a flexible environment in which specialists can perform innovative, life-saving treatments across a range of medical specialties.

With more than 30 years’ experience in design and manufacture of hygiene control barriers, Carona Group was approached to help deliver this critical piece of infrastructure.


Sophisticated air-conditioning, lighting, and hygiene control systems provide a state-of-the-art operating environment to minimise infection risk and other adverse events. The selection of the right door system was vital to ensure successful hygiene control.

“For barriers to support hygiene control in a healthcare setting, there are many variable environmental, usage and maintenance factors that need to be accounted for.

Location, hygiene, visibility, radiation and potential to corrode are all key considerations when planning a sterile environment that is high performing, long-lasting, adaptable, and safe.

If these elements aren’t examined within the context of the project, and specified in the plans, it can only mean either an increased patient risk or big-budget blowouts later,” explains Carona Group’s CEO Bernard Lee.

Longstanding relationships with leading architects, Antony Vavayis Architects (AVA), provided Carona Group the opportunity to participate early in the design process.

Driven to keep patients and the hospital workforce safe, the Corona Group team proposed a customised, barrier protection solution that met hygiene, environmental, and performance needs, now and into the future.

Integrating Carona Group’s specialist knowledge into the project’s early phases meant the hospital’s administration and project teams could be confident the key variable factors were comprehensively addressed.

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Drawing on more than 30 years of technical expertise, it was quickly identified that the 5000 Series personnel access door would provide the features and seamless integration the hospital was seeking.

Suited to quick wash down, the waterproof, corrosion-resistant, low maintenance, one-piece polyethylene shell door provides the efficiencies, environmental controls and durability necessary for the required theatre, theatre anterooms, CSSD room (sterilisations room) and passageway installations.

The ability to tailor the door system to include customisable, activation automations that increased the robustness of the overall system, only cemented its standing.

We listened carefully to our client needs. By integrating the door barrier system into the buildings centralised management control system, we could be sure it would deliver protections that enhanced the state-of-the-art environments they safe-guard. The inclusion of laser roller blinds meant the space could be adapted to facilitate laser surgeries as needed,” says Bernard Lee. 


From the outset, the Carona team took care to prioritise what was important to the client.

“Healthcare projects have many moving parts. Even a small delay can have enormous consequences. We planned every phase of design, manufacture and installation to integrate into the broader team’s over-arching project delivery timeframe.

“Because we design for and manufacture in Australia, every one of our clients can be assured we will deliver a quality result, on time,” says Bernard Lee.

Avoid Failure

“Complex jobs like this one often require onsite testing. We made sure we had plenty of time to test and optimise the system so the hospital’s team could open as promised, welcome locals, treat patients and feel proud to be serving our community.” 

End in success

Opened in June 2021, the operating theatres welcomed patients on day one and provide a much-needed, specialist surgery options to regional New South Wales.


Key features of Carona Group’s 5000 Series personnel access door include:

Less variables, more control

  • Suitability for wash down increases effectiveness against dirt and debris
  • High-density urethane core provides temperature control insulation R3
  • Provides a complete seal to air, dust or other contaminants

Install with ease

  • Designed with cut-outs for the automation, our stainless-steel doorjams are measured and manufactured to the millimetre
  • Automated doors can be integrated into building management systems for easy, centralised control.

Adjustable automation

  • Hands-free Activation switches available
  • Door close function set with automatic timers
  • Timers can be adjusted to suit location, closing quickly or slowly

Long-lasting, less maintenance 

  • Durable Polyethylene material
  • One-piece shell is fully impregnated with colour, never needs to be painted. 
  • No paint, peeling or warping = less maintenance
  • Never corrodes to corrupt the sterile environment


Optional extras included laser blocking roller blinds to ensure the space can flex to include laser surgery.

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