Double Bay Shopping Centre

Double Bay Shopping Centre needed easier, quieter freight access


Woollahra Council


Kiaora Lands Shopping Centre in Double Bay is one of the area’s most prestigious retail locations, but their loading dock was letting down that image.

The door to the loading dock was poorly engineered and unreliable, Woollahra Council told us. The door often jammed, and when it did work, it was very slow. Trucks would often be causing congestion in the busy street, waiting for the door to open. That made noise – a problem for the residents in the upscale apartments directly above the shopping centre.

Case Study - Double Bay Shopping Centre | Carona Group

"We are very happy with the works done and the professionalism of your team. Disruption to the dock was minimal and everything went as per the planning you gave."

- Marine Roujon, construction project manager at Woollahra Council

Replacing the door would be one of the toughest engineering challenges we’d ever faced. It was an unusually large opening: they needed a rolling door 8.1m wide (typically, rapid roller doors aren’t made over 6m). And we had to install this massive door in a confined space, with no overhead room for a crane, and pedestrians walking right past the site.

Not only was the space tight, we also needed to dovetail with the Shopping Centre’s workflows. Carona’s roller door needed to interface with their existing boom gates and induction floor loops, so that it all worked as one system.


Movidor, custom fittings and design.


Our engineer and design team designed a structure that fitted perfectly. And we coordinated our work closely with the loading dock crew. The installation worked around the retailers’ delivery schedules, so that even for a busy shopping centre, it was business as usual.


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