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Rapid roller doors from the Movidor line of products allow for quick, safe, and efficient operation for staff in even the most challenging environments. Carona is one of the most experienced rapid roller door suppliers and manufacturers in Australia, in large part because they incorporate a number of features into their products that make them superior to many others on the market. Among those features are rapid operation and optional features such as automatic opening triggers, which delivers a smoother flow of traffic in a variety of workplace conditions.

Safe and Durable

There are also safety features incorporated into the Movidor line of rapid roller doors, including a flexible bottom battern cushion that lessens the impact of the door against any objects that could potentially get trapped underneath, including vehicles such as forklifts. This can vastly improve workplace safety for employees and equipment alike, and helps to ensure that you are meeting all the necessary standards in your workplace.

Movidor rapid roller doors are incredibly durable and can withstand constant use as well as scratches and corrosion from a variety of sources. This incredible durability ensures that they perform to a high level throughout their working life, optimising the return on investment.

Rapid Door

Vast Inventory and Customisation Options

Business owners and building designers in search of quality rapid roller doors in Australia have good reason to browse the Movidor line of products from Carona. In addition to providing incredible quality in the products that they offer, Carona also provides other benefits to customers. One of the key benefits of working with Carona is our vast inventory of products, which ensures that we can quickly and efficiently install products soon after a customer makes their order. Carona effectively helps clients by providing a range of products that will match their specific requirements.

Another key benefit is the incredible customisation options available with our product lines, which makes it easy to incorporate their rapid roller doors into any workplace. The sales team at Carona can help assist buyers in ascertaining any needs that they may have regarding rapid roller doors as well as numerous other control and access products, including doors for cold rooms, glass display doors for refrigeration systems, and much more. Carona is proud to offer a range of control and access solutions for a variety of industries.

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High Speed Door Service

Carona doesn’t just offer premium quality barrier and door systems. Receive assistance with a range of services, including installation, repair and maintenance.


Carona provides high speed door service. After purchasing and delivery, you can have the product assembled and installed for immediate use.


Hard wearing multi-layered PVC coated polyester is tough but can still be damaged. While our products can withstand several types of accidental collisions from forklifts and other machines, we still provide high speed door repairs. We can fix tears in rapid roll curtains or damage to door tracks and wind bar.


In addition, Carona provides clients with high speed door maintenance. Find the best maintenance solutions for your rapid roller door. The maintenance of your rapid door will ensure safe and long-term ease of use.

If you’re interested in learning more about Carona’s line of products, browse the Carona website to view our extensive ranges. For more information or to order, contact Carona’s sales team by phone or email cs@carona.com.au

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