Rapid Roll Door Service & Maintenance

How our rapid door repair and maintenance service can make your site safer and save you money

Are you in need of faster, smarter and safer entry points into your commercial, industrial or retail site? Do you currently have a rapid door that needs to be better maintained or repaired?

In this blog post below, we will share with you the key benefits that a rapid roller doors will deliver to your workplace, and why it’s important to ensure your rapid doors are regularly maintained so you can keep your site safe and save money.

What is a rapid door?

Rapid doors, also known as rapid roll doors, are a type of motorised, high-speed roller door commonly used in industrial, commercial, medical and retail settings. The door panel, made of steel and high-quality PVC, opens quickly to allow people or vehicles to enter and then swiftly closes to reseal the entryway.

Carona Group rapid doors can be activated by:

  • Push buttons
  • Pull-cords
  • No-touch hand sensors
  • Remote control
  • Radar with an infrared safety curtain
  • Floor induction loop (technology that detects metal objects like forklifts and not people.)

Our fast action rapid doors are ideal for environments such as food processing sites, supermarkets, distribution facilities and industrial warehouses.



What are the key benefits of Carona Group’s rapid doors?

Our rapid roll doors are engineered and manufactured in Australian with European quality motors and controls. The design is simple and attractive and comes with high-end standard features as well as options to customise the door for your unique environment including size, activation methods and additional safety features.

What makes Carona Group’s rapid doors a cut above the rest?

Our industry-best manufacturing plant located in the Blue Mountains, NSW, allows us to produce faster, smarter and safer rapid roll doors for every environment.

  1. FASTER: With variable speed controllers, our rapid roll doors can open at speeds of more than 2.0 metres per second ensuring maximum productivity.
  2. SMARTER: In case of impact our flexible batons allow the door curtain to release from its tracks and self-correct in one smooth motion meaning no downtime.
  3. SAFER: High visibility is built into the door design. View panels, soft bottom buffers, photocell beams and infrared sensors keep your staff and equipment safe.

The benefits of rapid roll doors

The main benefits of installing a rapid door in your workplace are increased energy efficiency, hygiene control and security maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Rapid doors allow for speedy movement of people, stock and vehicles. Opening and closing doors quickly can help to maintain a constant temperature and therefore save on heating and cooling costs. Plus, the outstanding thermal separation and pollutant control also decreases costly food spoilage or contamination.

Hygiene control

Carona Group high-speed rapid roll doors assist in preventing dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants including insects and rodents from entering the building or warehouse. Our rapid doors close swiftly to seal the entry way so unwanted contaminants and pests do not damage your environment.

Security and safety

High speed rapid doors provide a fast, secure and accessible entry point for workers while also preventing public access. Our rapid roll doors can be fully customised with additional security features to give you peace of mind, including:

  • Infrared sensors
  • Extra layers of photo cells
  • Additional window layers
  • LED curtain position system
  • Back-up power unity
  • Manual pull chain

Rapid Roll Door Repair, Service & Maintenance

As Australia’s leading high speed roller door manufacturers, our rapid roller doors are designed to withstand years of constant use to deliver reliable and efficient action every single time.

Our German-engineered rapid roller doors give you control over your environment, protecting your workplace against temperature loss, noise, wind, and other contaminants.

We don’t just stop at an exceptional product, we also offer high speed roller door installation, maintenance and repair.

At Carona Group, our team of highly skilled technicians can come to your workplace to carry out service, maintenance, and repairs on all brands of rapid doors.

Our service vans carry a range of replacement parts, allowing us to quickly fix most issues with a single call out. For breakdowns that are causing major business interruptions, we can organise same-day call outs to get your rapid doors up and running again.

Depending on the type and severity of the damage to the rapid door system, the risks can range from dips in productivity to lost or damaged stock, and can even threaten the personal safety of your staff.

When to call for service and repair

We recommend calling as soon as possible. Too often business owners postpone repairs until a mechanical fault causes significant problems. This only leads to further financial loss and potential issues with safety and hygiene.

If your rapid roll door isn’t working as it should, don’t delay in giving us a call today. We can repair all brands of rapid doors and attend to emergency repairs within 24 hours.

Even if your doors display no obvious signs of damage, regular scheduled maintenance from our technicians will keep them running smoothly and can catch faults before they result in mechanical failure and an expensive repair or replacement cost.

For small issues, you can find manuals and tips on our website. For serious breakages, call us or email our team. We stock an extensive catalogue of spare parts, which you can browse on our website, allowing you to easily identify and order the parts you need, and we offer speedy delivery to your worksite.

Contact our friendly team today

To request repairs or service for your rapid doors today, simply:

  1. Call us on (02) 4702 6655
  2. Talk through your needs with our customer service team
  3. Wait for us to come to you – priority bookings are available for urgent cases.


Choose Carona Group rapid doors

Fully Customised rapid doors

Every Carona Group rapid roll door product can be designed and customised according to your needs.


Carona Group is proud to be an Australian-made and owned family business. For more than 30 years, partnered with global and local businesses to design and manufacture world-class products.

Guaranteed Quality

Carona Group products are Eco-Specified, HACCP Certified, Corrosion-Resistant and Energy-Saving so you can be confident you’re buying the best possible product.


Every Carona Group product is manufactured to the highest standard, which means you’ll get a custom-made, world-class product requiring very little maintenance. However, if you do need a part replaced or service, our team will act quickly to ensure minimal downtime.


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