Quality Hospital Room Doors from Carona Group

Quality Hospital Room Doors from the Suppliers and Manufacturers at Carona

Hospitals are high-risk locations. From security controls to contagion concerns, there are many considerations when designing a hospital space that serves the needs of patients, staff, and visitors. When searching for hospital room doors in Australia, it’s crucial to find the best possible solutions for the needs of everybody involved to keep people safe and to address security issues before they have the chance to arise.

The Carona line of products, including their 5000 series of corrosion resistant doors, is the optimal solution for areas where infection control is most critical. Various factors make Carona the hospital room door suppliers of choice for many medical facilities throughout Australia.

Our doors are designed for use in environments where they can quickly and efficiently be washed down with strong chemical cleaning agents for the maximum amount of sterilisation without corroding, rusting, or otherwise displaying damage over time. Our doors are a long-lasting solution that ensures hospitals keep everybody protected. The scratch-resistant surface of these doors reduces the damage done by impact from trolleys and wheelchairs. The nonporous surfaces reduces the possibility of the door surface harbouring germs and bacteria.

Carona hospital doors display a high level of functionality and are constructed to last. Their durable shell resists corrosion, and can even be coloured as needed. This aids quick identification of certain areas within a hospital, such as staff-only entrances. However, these are not the only reason that so many hospitals choose Carona as their hospital room door manufacturers.

Carona Hospital Room Door Manufacturers Offer Superior Control

Controlled doors make for enhanced access management. When searching for hospital room doors in Australia, many designers choose Carona not only because of their durability in corrosive environments but because of the superior access control that they provide. In hospitals, security is a major concern. Carona hospital room doors ensure that unauthorised guests are kept out of restricted zones, which is especially important in areas such as intensive care units.

Many of our clients also choose Carona as their hospital room door suppliers because of the control they provide in heating and cooling. Medical facilities must often be kept at certain temperatures for sterilisation purposes. The quality doors from Carona feature a high-density core that allows facilities to reduce the transfer of heat from environment to environment. This can even cut down on the costs of running air conditioning and heating in hospital environments.

For more information on the hospital doors available from Carona, or to see why Carona is so highly recommended as the hospital room door manufacturers of choice for so many medical facilities throughout Australia, explore their product offerings online. You can also contact us by phone or email for a consultation regarding potential hospital door and other access solutions.


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