Clear PVC Protection Screens: Making a Difference During COVID-19

Business must go on, but with necessary precautions

Our PVC Protection Screen provides an extra line of defence against COVID-19. Transactions are conducted through a safer point of contact. Small holes or gaps facilitate payments and handing of goods while minimizing the exposure of your employees and customers.

Staff and customer safety

ensure social distancing is followed during customer interactions

Improved sanitation measures

lower the risk of infection in your workplace

Asset integrity

protect work surfaces, POS machines and other assets that might be at risk of contamination

Choose PVC thickness

depending on how rigid or flexible you need to the product to be for your business operations. Thicker PVC can provide more enhanced protection.

Maintain business continuity

continue serving customers and earning revenue while ensuring that you follow official guidelines

Screen sizes can be customized to the specific needs and requirements of your business. These can be applied in any setting, from small outlets and retail businesses to heavy industry applications.  Mounting may be done in a number of ways, either onto a counter, an existing frame on a counter or attached to the ceiling.

Expect a quick turnaround with orders and deliveries.

We’re with you through thick and thin

We all have a role to take on during this pandemic. For us, it’s to offer you and your business the best support against COVID-19.

For more inquiries on this product or if you have questions on other ways we can support you in these trying circumstances you can call us on (02) 4702 6655 or email us at

We hope your staff and your family are safe and healthy. Carona is here to help all of you and your business weather this crisis.


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