Walk-Thru (old)


ImageSKUReference No.Spare PartsEnquiry
walkthruFO/Gen/FD WS28AD3Fabric Seal
Walk ThruFO/WT/ACAB2Arm Channel to suit Concealed Door Closer
Carona GroupFO/WT/AFKITAB0Side Arm Fixing Block with Bolts
walkthruFO/WT/CLAA9Concealed Door Closer
hardware toolFO/WT/FPKITAB330 Floor Pivot Kit to suit Concealed Door Closer
Hardware ToolFO/WT/LAAB1Side Load Arm to suit Concealed Door Closer
WalkthruFO/WTC WTDH 50BAD4D Handle - Black
walkthruFO/WTC WTDH 50NAD5D Handle - Natural
walkthruFO/WTC WTH 076MAD1Full Width Handle - 760mm
walkthruFO/WTC WTH 090MAD2Full Width Handle - 900mm

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