HD3 (old)


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Synthetic rubberFO/.HD3-DP79Y6Torsion Spring Foam Spacer
Door HardwareFO/HD3-DP10W9Bottom Hinge Plate with Hold Open Pin
Door HardwareFO/HD3-DP1007AG4Top Hinge Plate, 6mm Zinc Plated
SCREW/NUTFO/HD3-DP124X3Hinge Block Fixing Screw Countersunk
White NickelFO/HD3-DP11AG3Bottom Hinge Plate Spacer 1mm
Stainless Steel FigureFO/HD3-DP13X5Hold Open Spring Retaining Block
Shelf Clip LabelsFO/HD3-DP41X7Centre Cut Away Plastic Recess
Door HardwareFO/HD3-DP50X8Hinge Block Corner
Match Point Horizontal ClampFO/HD3-DP51X9Plastic Spacer to Suit Corner Block
Oil Pressure SwitchFO/HD3-DP55Y0Hinge Pin with Nylon Bush
Screw Pitch GagesFO/HD3-DP60Y1Hinge Pin Retaining Clip
SPRING CHECK BRASSFO/HD3-DP65Y2Tension Ratchet Adjuster
Door HardwareFO/HD3-DP6x10Y3M6 x 10 Hex Head Bolt - To suit Top Hinge Plate
Door HardwareFO/HD3-DP6x12Y4M6 x 12mm Hex Head Bolt - Top Hinge Plate
Antique BrassFO/HD3-DP72Y5Tension Ratchet Adjuster Spring
Dark Grey Concrete pendant WedgeFO/HD3-DP70-1MAG2Torsion Spring - 1m
Galvanised Hinge StrapFO/HD3-DP80Y8Bottom Hold Open Stop Plate
cast iron foot stepFO/HD3-DP82Y9Top Hinge Pin, Anti Jump Clip

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