Our top 3 tips to ensure your food stock turns over fast

If you want food stock to move faster, you need customers to see, touch, and feel the stock. When customers can interact with the product, it’s easier to get them in a buying frame of mind. So how can your stock display make that happen?Read on to discover how you can ensure your food stock flies off the shelves.

1. Keep your stock insight

Out of sight, out of mind. Stock that’s shoved to the back of the shelf won’t catch customers’ eyes, so they won’t even register it as a possible purchase. It might even frustrate customers who actually want to buy what’s hidden away. To catch your customers’ attention, always display your stock in a well-lit, easy to access, and openly visible area. And stay out of their way. Instead of blocking the aisle with shelf-stackers, choose a unit that allows loading stock from the back end of your refrigerators or shelving units where possible. Remember, very often customers buy with their eyes. Keep stock insight and stay out of the customer’s way!

2. Keep your shelves well stocked

Customers seek novelty. They’ll be drawn to the new stock or surprising placement. And the opposite effect? How do you feel when you walk into a supermarket and see a blank space where the item should be? Restocking and rotating stock is vital to maintaining interest. When you walk into a nice deli, a transparent refrigerator wall full of delicious smoked meats makes them all the more appetizing. Or when you walk into a supermarket on a hot summer’s day, brightly lit glass refrigerator units packed with drinks beg you to grab and guzzle them down. Stay well-stocked at all times, and you’ll keep sales up.

3. Keep your stock refrigerated

In peak periods, it’s easy to leave perishable stock out in the storeroom for just that bit too long. The stock starts to degrade before it’s even reached the shelves. And when it does, it might not meet the customer’s expectations. To the consumer, an ice-cold temperature implies freshness. Lukewarm milk doesn’t just put the customer off the product — it sends the wrong signal about your store. Keep your stock refrigerated and in plain view at all times and you’ll ensure your refrigerated products always get snapped up. Need help with your food stock turnover? If you do, we can recommend storage solutions that keep your food stock in prime condition. Contact us for information about our Vision PanelsDeli Walls, and Alpha Glass Doors, or download our product catalog.


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