Investing in Better Freezer Door and Cool Room Door Parts

The average cool room or freezer door is a weak point for many buildings—particularly in regards to temperature and climate control. In most cases, companies that install freezer doors will use sliding door systems that are positioned on floor-mounted tracks. Such a design may save space, but that extra room comes at the expense of the freezer door seals and the overall durability of the door.

As rubber seals drag along the wall upon every opening and closing of the cool room door, the motion erodes the freezer door seals and stains or damages the surfaces of the walls. Worse, most freezer door tracks have to be cut directly into your flooring or floor finish—leaving additional visible damage.

Other Common Weaknesses of Freezer Door Parts

Visual evidence of a freezer door would not be the worst thing if the door were durable enough to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, cool room doors have several weaknesses and vulnerabilities that go beyond seals and track mounting. These weaknesses range from freezer door handles that jam and become difficult for one person to open with one hand to freezer door hinges and fasteners that stick out and become a nesting area for bacteria and other contaminants.

Another common issue with freezer door parts involves the heating systems in the doors themselves. When a coolroom door is left open accidentally, the freezer door seals can harden, freeze and shatter—causing catastrophic damage to the door system as a whole. The average freezer door will include a heating system to keep the door frames warm, but sometimes, that amenity is not enough to prevent permanent damage to the seals or other freezer door parts.

Introducing Commercial Freezer Doors by Carona

When you purchase your freezer door parts through Carona, you can expect a superior level of durability and efficiency. Here are just a few of the features we build into our commercial freezer glass door—to ensure that we avoid the common problems that companies face with their cool room doors:

Wall-Mounted Track: With our curved wall-mounted track, your cool room door stays clear of the walls and the floors—avoiding the wear and tear often caused by scraping door seals. This system also ensures that freezer door seals last longer.

Bulb Seals: Rather than using rubber freezer door seals, Carona cool room doors utilise bulb seals, which trap an entire air column for improved insulation and temperature control.

Spring-Loaded Freezer Door Handle: With our proprietary freezer door handle, cool room doors are easier to open—even for workers with only one free hand.

Improved Hygiene: By eliminating exposed fasteners or freezer door hinges, Carona cool room doors also remove spots where bacteria can fester.

Heated Doors: Instead of just heating door frames to prevent frozen seals or other damage to freezer door parts, all Carona cool room doors are outfitted with in-door heating cables—keeping your door in sound shape even if someone accidentally leaves it ajar.

Ensure better climate control and greater longevity by investing in a Carona cool room door today. Browse our website to learn more about our freezer door hinges, seals and other cool room door parts.


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