Doing good research demands complete control over your environment.

Logistics & Warehousing

When you’re managing a large operation, you need maximum control and maximum flexibility. A way to keep dust and pests away from valuable stock. A way to control who has access. And the flexibility to add, remove or divide spaces at will. Carona delivers on all criteria. Our products give you:

  • CUSTOMISATION: we measure your space and install to fit your dimensions (and any pipes, ducts or wiring).
  • FLEXIBILITY: from robust roller doors to temporary PVC partitions, we’ve got you covered.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: our equipment is built to last, and with modular designs, when a part eventually does need replacing, it’s a quick swap.

We’ve delivered for companies and organisations from Australia Post and the RAAF to suburban shopping centres. Find out what we can do for your space.


High Speed Rapid Roller Doors

Movidor gives you instant control over your environment: temperature, hygiene and access — with a modern, professional look.

Compass System

We’ve designed a movable strip-curtain system for refrigerated transport.

Premium Flexible PVC

Carona’s flexible PVC is specially formulated for every application, from heavy industry to small retail outlets.

PVC Swing Doors

Take control of your environment with durable, customisable PVC doors. Use opaque PVC as a visual barrier: ideal for privacy in hospitals and storerooms.

Coolroom & freezer doors

Most coolroom and freezer doors run on floor-mounted tracks. Their rubber seals drag along the wall, eroding the seal and staining the surface.

PVC Strip Curtains from Carona Group

Whether you need thermal barriers for hygiene protection, or flexible floor plans, Carona will supply the right PVC door curtains for your area.

Personnel Access Doors

Corrosion resistance is the key to our doors’ durability. A waterproof one-piece shell withstands the knocks that chip and crack other doors.

Thermal Traffic Doors

Carona’s double-swing insulating doors suit all high-traffic environments, whether it’s a hospital corridor, or a factory loading area. Each door opens smoothly with one push

Curtains & Blinds

Night Blinds

Fit night blinds to your refrigerated cabinets and see the energy savings.

Air Curtains

Adding an air-curtain to your doorway keeps your premises cool and clean, and lets customers walk straight in.

Customisation & Parts

Stalwart Shelving

High-density wire shelves add strength and hold your stock steady.

Premium Flexible PVC

Carona’s flexible PVC is specially formulated for every application, from heavy industry to small retail outlets.


Most printed safety signs stain and peel away, particularly in corrosive or wash-down environments.


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