Food Processing

Managing food processing can be a high-wire balancing act.

food processing

One contaminated batch or one failed health inspection can bring down your whole operation. But when you’re choosing doors and barrier systems, you can’t afford to let efficiency slip either. Your business needs peak performance in:

  • Energy efficiency: climate control by sealing off areas.
  • Maintenance efficiency: equipment that’s easy to wash down and built to last, which means reduced downtimes.
  • Process efficiency: doors and curtains that don’t obstruct the flow of people, so work gets done fast.

Carona is one of the few providers who understands your needs and has designed climate and hygiene control products to suit. Our products are also HACCP certified, giving you peace of mind.


High Speed Rapid Roller Doors

Movidor gives you instant control over your environment: temperature, hygiene and access — with a modern, professional look.

Premium Flexible PVC

Carona’s flexible PVC is specially formulated for every application, from heavy industry to small retail outlets.

Alpha Heated Glass Insert Doors

The display of your stock will be enhanced on the shelf, with crisp lighting and anti-fog heating.

Coolroom & freezer doors

Most coolroom and freezer doors run on floor-mounted tracks. Their rubber seals drag along the wall, eroding the seal and staining the surface.

PVC Strip Curtains from Carona Group

Whether you need thermal barriers for hygiene protection, or flexible floor plans, Carona will supply the right PVC door curtains for your area.

Hermetically Sealing Sliding Doors

Especially suitable for controlled atmosphere environments (hospitals, operating theatres, clinics, care homes, rehabilitation centres, multi-purpose surgeries.

Personnel Access Doors

Corrosion resistance is the key to our doors’ durability. A waterproof one-piece shell withstands the knocks that chip and crack other doors.

Thermal Traffic Doors

Carona’s double-swing insulating doors suit all high-traffic environments, whether it’s a hospital corridor, or a factory loading area. Each door opens smoothly with one push

Curtains & Blinds

Food Safe Cleaner

Carona Group has developed an exceptional cleaning product designed to maintain your food preparation areas and in particular your Flexible PVC Curtains and Doors in ultra clean condition.

Air Curtains

Adding an air-curtain to your doorway keeps your premises cool and clean, and lets customers walk straight in.

Customisation & Parts

Stalwart Shelving

High-density wire shelves add strength and hold your stock steady.

Premium Flexible PVC

Carona’s flexible PVC is specially formulated for every application, from heavy industry to small retail outlets.


Most printed safety signs stain and peel away, particularly in corrosive or wash-down environments.


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