From suburban grocery stores to massive warehouses, we’ve developed products for every environment. Our design team adapts these products, from strip curtains to industrial roller doors, for the reliable return on investment that Carona is renowned for.

We’re always ready to advise you on the best product for your environment.

Managing food processing can be a high-wire balancing act. One contaminated batch or one failed health inspection can bring down your whole operation. But when you’re choosing doors and barrier systems, you can’t afford to let efficiency slip either. Your business needs peak performance in:
  • Energy efficiency: climate control by sealing off areas.
  • Maintenance efficiency: equipment that’s easy to wash down and built to last, which means reduced downtimes.
  • Process efficiency: doors and curtains that don’t obstruct the flow of people, so work gets done fast.
Carona is one of the few providers who understands your needs and has designed climate and hygiene control products to suit. Our products are also HACCP certified, giving you peace of mind.

First impressions count, but profitability isn’t just about presentation. You’re also keeping an eye on costs:

  • Energy efficiency: preserving stock by creating effective thermal barriers.
  • Maintenance efficiency: well-made, low-maintenance equipment that’s easy to clean.
  • Layout efficiency: letting staff and customers move freely through your store.

Carona understands food retail. We’ve designed HACCP-certified access and display doors, and barrier systems for stores from supermarkets to greengrocers, all backed by our exceptional service.

Keeping your patients and staff safe comes down to control: managing who and what gets into every room. And that control extends right down to the air people breathe. In the healthcare sector, quality and value comes down to three factors:

  • Hygiene: doors built from corrosion-resistant panels, for quick wash-down.
  • Customisation: tailoring doors to your facility, with the material and dimensions to fit.
  • Support: on-call service and a proactive maintenance team.

Carona has more than 30 years’ experience delivering technically innovative and durable door and barrier systems. Our panel doors meet Australian Design Standards for Class 2/9 Buildings, to meet your design requirements.

When you’re managing a large operation, you need maximum control and maximum flexibility. A way to keep dust and pests away from valuable stock. A way to control who has access. And the flexibility to add, remove or divide spaces at will. Carona delivers on all criteria. Our products give you:

  • Customisation: we measure your space and install to fit your dimensions (and any pipes, ducts or wiring).
  • Flexibility: from robust roller doors to temporary PVC partitions, we’ve got you covered.
  • Low maintenance: our equipment is built to last, and with modular designs, when a part eventually does need replacing, it’s a quick swap.

We’ve delivered for companies and organisations from Australia Post and the RAAF to suburban shopping centres. Find out what we can do for your space.

In tough conditions you need equipment that goes the distance, so your operation keeps running smoothly. For doors and barrier systems this means robust design, backed up by responsive support. On construction sites and in mining facilities, you need a provider who delivers:

  • Durability: low-maintenance, modular design, so if one part fails you can swap it out, for lower maintenance costs.
  • Full customisation: choosing the materials and opening controls that suit the way you work.
  • Experienced advice: staff who know their products inside out, so they can advise you on the best product for what you need.

Carona has 30 years’ experience delivering doors and barrier systems made right here in Australia. We don’t take shortcuts, and we do what we say we’ll do. So when access control counts, your operations stay online.


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“Carona Group is founded on integrity with our clients, suppliers and team members. Our mission is to provide unrivalled quality and consistent customer care.”

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