How barrier systems save you money


Whether you’re managing operations in healthcare, retail, mining or heavy industry, you’re always looking for ways to save.You want to lower spending where you can and increase what you’re making. Here are a few simple strategies where using barrier systems will help you do just that.

Reduce maintenance costs

With vehicles and people flying through doorways all day, accidents are bound to happen. Fixing accidents can cost a small fortune. Eventually, they ball up into a massive maintenance bill if they happen all the time. The trick is to spend a little more on solutions that can fix themselves or minimise damage. A high-speed roller door that can reset itself on it’s own tracks will save you from calling the repairman when the curtain comes undone. The right traffic doors or swing doors with sacrificial pivot points can keep damage to door frames and walls to a minimum.

Cut energy usage costs

 A lot of businesses put food and beverages in doorless refrigerators. They blast air conditioners at their top settings without sealing the room. And they leave freezers open letting the icy air rush out. Making these machines work this hard burns energy and increases your power costs. To save money, take the pressure off your refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. Night blinds can keep food stock chilled and save power by keeping cool air from escaping. Glass doors on your fridges can do the same for your drinks. Thermal traffic doors can keep locked off areas at the temperatures you want. And the right high-speed roller door will keep freezer rooms and everything in them ice cold, even when people and vehicles pass through all the time.

Improve your customer’s experience

Making it easy for customers to decide what food and drink they want to buy will help with revenue right away. Food and drink just won’t sell if they’re stuck in boxes, or sitting in the storeroom behind doors and curtains. Transparent auto sliding doors or glass doors on your fridges can give your customers the line of sight they need to make buying decisions. Remember, customers always buy with their eyes!

Make it easy for staff to move around your workspace

If space in your business is limited, you’ve got to keep clear every inch you can. Blocked up pathways will have your people bumping into each other. If staff drop expensive stock or equipment they’re carrying, it’s your bottom line that drops. Glide-away doors and sliding access doors will help keep pathways open and clear. They don’t swing into the flow of traffic and make plenty of room for people to move. Making it easy for staff to move from A to B will prevent expensive accidents from happening and save you money.

Are you looking to save money and increase profit?

Carona offers a wide variety of solutions to help you raise your bottom line. We can help you reduce maintenance and energy costs, improve your customer’s experience and make it easier for staff to do what they need. Contact us for information about our products or download catalogue now.


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