Find Quality Commercial Fridge Doors

Available from the Experienced Suppliers and Manufacturers at Carona

The refrigerator in your store or restaurant is one of the most valuable locations in your business, as it helps to ensure the quality of sensitive items and prevents problems such as spoilage. Commercial fridge glass doors are an important component in constructing a sound refrigeration system, regardless of your industry. As an experienced manufacturer of commercial fridge doors in Australia, Carona has served many businesses in a variety of industries since 1989. Carona delivers commercial fridge doors and other cold room storage solutions that provide value, convenience, and quality.

Being commercial fridge door manufacturers, Carona provides superior craftsmanship at a great price point. Their doors are manufactured to provide excellent insulation through the creation of a bulb seal around the frame, which serves to trap an insulating air column in the door. This keeps cold air in and warm air out, which can also be a major contributor in reducing total energy costs for a business as it improves the efficiency of your refrigeration as well as HVAC systems.

The design of Carona’s commercial fridge doors also makes them easy to operate, with spring-loaded action that allows one staff member to operate it safely. At Carona, we firmly believe that great value should never come at the cost of reduced safety or efficiency.

What Makes Carona a Successful Commercial Fridge Door Supplier

The value that Carona provides to businesses does not stop with the quality of its product. As commercial fridge door suppliers and manufacturers, Carona keeps a large inventory of items at the ready at all times, which makes for quick and easy installation of a new door when needed, either for a business being constructed from the ground up or for a business in search of a replacement door. This helps to reduce downtime and potential financial losses.

Another key factor in the value that Carona provides their customers is the return on their investment in the long run. Carona commercial fridge doors are durable, resistant to corrosion, scratches, and other damage, and ultimately outlast many similar products. That, in combination with the savings that businesses can gain through the increased efficiency of their refrigeration system, can lead to a great amount of savings for a business.

Carona’s entire business model is set up to provide convenience to the customer. From the search for a commercial fridge door supplier to the installation process and beyond, everything that they do helps to reduce downtime and provides businesses with innovative solutions for these and other control issues within their organisation.

Learn more about why Carona is one of the leading suppliers of commercial fridge doors in Australia by browsing the products available on our site. You can also contact one of our highly skilled sales professionals, who are ready and able to assess your current situation and help you come up with the commercial fridge door solution that best suits your needs.


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