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Quality Cold Room Doors and Door Parts from the Suppliers and Manufacturers at Carona

Quality cold room doors have many distinct advantages, regardless of the environment where they are needed. Typically used in restaurants, grocery stores, and other such industries, cold room doors allow business owners to efficiently seal off their cold items, ensuring that they are kept cold or frozen as required.

Inefficient cold room doors can lead to large energy costs. When warm air seeps into a cold room, the costs of keeping cool items refrigerated can skyrocket. Likewise, when air from a cold room leaks into the other areas of the premises, the costs of keeping the area at a comfortable temperature will rise.

When seeking cold room door manufacturers in Australia, go with a company that can offer you optimal efficiency with their product. That’s why so many businesses and building designers have turned to Carona. Carona’s cold room doors feature a bulb seal around the door frame. This seal traps an air column, creating better insulation than standard rubber seals are able to provide.

Carona’s cold room doors provide several benefits. Although keeping cold rooms sealed off is their most immediate benefit, they provide other benefits in ease of use and durability.

The Benefits of Choosing Carona as Your Cold Room Door Suppliers

Carona cold room doors are designed to be as easy to use as they are efficient. Our cold room doors are track-mounted. This keeps them clear of the floor and the walls, which prevents dragging and staining and will keep the doors and the surrounding area free of any potential damage.

In fact, all aspects of design from the cold room door manufacturers at Carona are centred on the idea of saving money for the customer in the long run. We aim to prevent damage to items from spoilage, and cut the costs of refrigeration and heating areas surrounding the cold room.

Carona cold room doors are also designed for durability. Their products regularly outperform and outlast that of the competition.

Carona cold room doors are also incredibly easy to install. This means that whether you are installing brand new doors into a building, or replacing old doors, you can eliminate potential downtime and reduce installation costs. All of that can add up in a big way, and is why so many individuals are making Carona their cold room door suppliers of choice.

We provide cold room doors in Australia for clients in many sectors, and look forward to working with you on your project.

A full breakdown of our product line can be found on this website. Additionally, more information about our cold room doors and other products can be found by contacting us through email at or by phone at (02) 4702 6655.


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